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Sodium Molybdate Powder

Sodium Molybdate Powder

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Sodium cations (Na+) and molybdate anions (MoO42-) are the two chemical components that make up sodium molybdate powder. It is widely employed in many different industries, including chemistry, agriculture, and research labs.

There are a number of uses and characteristics of sodium molybdate that are noteworthy:

1. Na2MoO4 is a chemical formula.

Each unit of sodium molybdate powder, according to the formula, comprises two sodium ions and one molybdate ion.

2. Physical Characteristics


  • Sodium molybdate often takes on the form of a white, crystalline powder.
  • The substance is very soluble in water.


3. Uses:


  • Agriculture: Sodium molybdate is employed as a source of molybdenum for plants as a micronutrient fertiliser. For several metabolic functions in plants, such as nitrogen fixation and enzyme activity, molybdenum is a crucial component.
  • Chemistry and Industrial Use: Sodium molybdate is used as a catalyst and reagent in a wide range of chemical processes, including those that result in the synthesis of pigments, dyes, and corrosion inhibitors. Additionally, it is used as a component in ceramics and in electroplating procedures.
  • Research conducted in laboratories: Sodium molybdate is used as a reagent for qualitative and quantitative analysis, particularly in analytical chemistry for the detection of phosphates, silicates, and other compounds.


4. Safety considerations:


  • Sodium molybdate is typically thought to have a low level of toxicity. However, it is crucial to handle it carefully and take the necessary safety precautions, just like with any other material.
  • For precise handling guidelines and safety information, it is advisable to consult the material safety data sheet (MSDS) or other safety information offered by the manufacturer.
When working with sodium molybdate powder or other chemical product, always refer to trusted sources and references for detailed instructions, usage suggestions, and safety measures.



1. What exactly is powdered sodium molybdate?

Ans - Sodium molybdate is a white powder that contains the mineral molybdenum (Mo), which is necessary for numerous bodily functions, including metabolism. It is used as a dietary supplement to keep the body's molybdenum levels at a healthy level.

2. What advantages does utilising Sodium Molybdate Powder offer?

Ans - It is generally known that sodium molybdate powder has positive effects on a number of metabolic processes, including the metabolism of proteins and fats, cell division, and iron absorption. Additionally, it might help to prevent cancer.

3. What negative consequences might taking Sodium Molybdate Powder cause?

Ans - Utilising sodium molybdate powder may cause diarrhoea, nausea, and upset stomach. It is advisable to consult with your doctor before taking any supplements.

4. What is the best way to consume sodium molybdate powder?

Ans - One gramme per day is the suggested dosage for adults. When possible, take it with food. 

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