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99% Pure Copper Sulphate Crystal

99% Pure Copper Sulphate Crystal

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The highly pure solid form of copper sulphate is referred to as pure copper sulphate crystals, also known as cupric sulphate crystals or copper(II) sulphate crystals. Usually, the meticulous purification of copper sulphate using various procedures yields these crystals.

Pure copper sulphate crystals have the following distinguishing features:

Crystals of copper sulphate are typically brilliant blue in colour. Usually taking the form of prismatic or needle-like features, they produce unusual crystal formations. The size of these crystals might vary, from small particles to bigger, more obvious crystals.

Crystals of pure copper sulphate are free of pollutants and impurities. They are frequently produced via procedures like recrystallization, which entails dissolving impure copper sulphate in water, removing any insoluble impurities, then letting the solution cool and crystallise to produce cleaner crystals.

Water is very soluble in copper sulphate crystals, even in their pure state. They easily dissolve in water, generating a vivid blue solution. Because of their solubility, copper sulphate crystals are useful in a variety of applications that call for a soluble form.

Applications: Pure copper sulphate crystals are used in a variety of fields, such as:


  • They are utilised as a reagent in numerous analytical techniques as well as in chemical reactions and laboratory investigations.
  • Copper sulphate crystals can be used in the electroplating process, which involves coating an object with copper.
  • Education and demonstrations: To demonstrate crystal development and chemical reactions involving copper compounds, pure copper sulphate crystals are frequently used in educational settings and science displays.
  • Crafts & art: Copper sulphate crystals can be used to make brilliant blue pigments for pottery, paints, and dyes. 


Pure copper sulphate crystals must be handled carefully and with the necessary safety measures. The crystals should not be handled directly as they can irritate the skin and eyes. Additionally, exercise caution while working with crystallised copper sulphate solutions because they can be dangerous if consumed or handled incorrectly.

Please be aware that the details presented are based on information that was generally available as of September 2021, and that there may have been more recent advancements or revisions about pure copper sulphate crystals.
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